Seasonal Safety Tips 

VPD has a great offering of safety tips to help you stay safe and crime-free during the holiday season!

Online Shopping
• Make use of the signature option – if you’re not home to sign for the package, you can pick it up at an outlet or they can attempt delivery again.
• Log on to the company website yourself – do not enter through an emailed link.
• Check the Better Business Bureau to see if they have had any complaints about the company

In-Person Shopping
• If you must store your purchases in your car, make sure they’re in the trunk and that your trunk opener inside your car is deactivated.
• If you use your car, park somewhere well-lit and don’t leave valuables where they can be seen openly.
• Try not to take your eyes off your debit or credit card when someone else is handling it.

• Determine who the designated drivers in your group will be or have a plan to take public transit or taxis ahead of time.
• If you are unable to stop someone who shouldn’t be driving, you will need to call the police – it may be difficult to do, but the potential for serious or deadly harm is a very real possibility if they get behind the wheel.

Decking the Halls
• If you have pets, they may be attracted to ribbons and parcels and they could pose a choking hazard
• If your Christmas tree is visible from the outside, consider not placing gifts under the tree until the last minute.
Travelling by Car• Always wear a seatbelt.
• Ensure your car is in good mechanical condition and that you have appropriate tires for the road conditions you may encounter.
• Have directions and check road conditions before you set out for somewhere unfamiliar.

Fire Safety
• Smoke from a fire can hurt or kill you long before the flames ever get near you, so make a point of sleeping with your bedroom door closed.
• Keep all flammable items at least three feet from your space heaters and ensure your heaters are CSA or UL approved.
• Have and learn how to use a fire extinguisher – the Vancouver Fire Department recommends an ABC type extinguisher.

More safety tips can be found on VPD’s website. Safe Holidays!