About Us

People who volunteer are happier and healthier. Studies say they live longer, too. In Hastings Sunrise, they also make the community safer, cleaner and more livable.

Add it up and you get: the Hastings Sunrise Community Policing Centre – a hub of neighbourhood safety and caring since 1999.

That’s the year when concerned citizens responded to escalating crime by founding a non-profit society to establish a community policing centre, first located at 2001 Wall Street – and unique in North America!

Only in Vancouver are most CPC’s, including ours in Hastings Sunrise, founded by community members (rather than police departments) and governed by a board of directors drawn from the community. The Vancouver Police Department is then invited to become a partner of the CPC. 

WATCH this short video on what the HSCPC is all about!

However, the HSCPC’s main message remained the same: that every citizen could play a part in enhancing safety and security by volunteering, or just by reporting all signs of criminal activity, big or small.

Summer Kickoff 2019

Over the years, the HSCPC:

  • Established core programs using volunteers to clean up litter, remove unwanted graffiti, conduct safety patrols, discourage speeding, promote safety education and respond to neighbourhood concerns and questions through its storefront office, now at 2620 East Hastings Street.
  • Trained and supervised more than 100 volunteers a year, many of them going on to careers with municipal police forces and the RCMP.
  • Developed a small but dedicated staff, under the guidance of a strong board of volunteer directors drawn from the community.
  • Staged hundreds of community-enhancing events, including the annual Sunrise Summer Kickoff.
  • Vigorously pursued and secured funding partners to supplement the partial funding it receives from the City of Vancouver (CoV).
  • Prompted the founding of the Hastings North Business Improvement Association (HNBIA), with which it shares offices.



A community made safe for all through volunteering and citizen involvement.


We provide leadership and services to promote safe, healthy and thriving neighbourhoods.


  • Local governance is an essential element of community policing.
  • Our volunteers are our greatest resources. We strive to support their growth and development.
  • Community members, HSCPC staff and volunteers all play a crucial role in identifying issues, contributing resources and providing solutions.
  • Collaborative partnerships with residents, businesses, community organizations and the Vancouver Police Department are essential to our success.

Diversity Statement

From the board, the staff and the many volunteers who strive daily to make Hastings Sunrise a safe, inclusive and welcoming neighbourhood:

We recognize that racism, violence and discrimination against minorities continue to exist locally and throughout Canada, and that the threat of violence and discrimination can be a daily lived experience for many in our community, including family, friends, neighbours or colleagues.

At the HSCPC, we are committed to collaborating with our community partners to ensure a safe, healthy and thriving community for all.