Our Programs

Taking Care of Our Neighbours:

The Hastings Sunrise Community Policing Centre delivers crime prevention and safety programs and a variety of services to residents, businesses, and other organizations throughout the Hastings Sunrise neighbourhood. All programs and services are delivered by trained volunteers with the support of CPC staff. The Sunrise Safety program is operated by paid staff. Staff and volunteers receive ongoing training by the CPC, VPD and other agencies.

Sunrise Safety Team

The Sunrise Safety Team works to develop relationships with community members – especially in the business district — with the aim of deterring crime and increasing public safety.

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Citizens Patrol

Citizens Patrol volunteers are trained to look for suspicious or criminal activity in a safe and non-confrontational manner.  They travel throughout the neighbourhood on foot, observing and listening to the public.

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Community Cleanup

The Community Cleanup program is a year-round initiative that mobilizes volunteers and supports community members to remove litter and graffiti from Hastings Sunrise.

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Information and Community Assistance

The Information and Community Assistance program (ICA) and its services are the first point of contact of the Hastings Sunrise CPC.

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HSCPC staff, volunteers and the Neighbourhood Police Officer attend many community events throughout the year, visiting schools, community centres and neighbourhood houses to give presentations and provide crime prevention and community policing information.

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Road Safety

The purpose of our road safety program is to increase safety in the Hastings Sunrise neighbourhood for all road users: drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and cyclists. Our program works in partnership with the VPD and ICBC to address local road safety concerns.

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