Be A Role Model – Take the Cleanup Challenge

Jayson Cuizon has many reasons why he enjoys volunteering in the Hastings Sunrise Community Policing Centre’s Community Cleanup Program.

“Most importantly, it gets me outside, away from the computer, and allows me to de-stress by engaging in physical activity. After I have joined a cleanup event on Saturday morning, I am ready for the weekend because it takes my brain off work,” says Jayson.

He joined the community cleanup team in January 2022 and comes out regularly on Saturdays for two hours to pick up litter or paint over graffiti in Hastings Sunrise. His motivation was to be a role model for his three sons and to show them how important it is to get involved and give back to the community.


 “I want to take care of my environment and show initiative,” Jayson adds. “Making a difference and taking ownership of the space I live in is very important to me. It’s also a message to the community, showing them that we care and it hopefully discourages people from littering.”

Apart from the actual work, it’s the team spirit that keeps Jayson at the Hastings Sunrise CPC: “I meet new people every weekend and the community is really friendly. Community members smile at us and thank us for our work, which is really encouraging.”

The HSCPC is also participating in the City of Vancouver’s Cleanup Kickoff Challenge from March 22 to April 22,  to kickstart this year’s cleanup season. During that time, patrons can pick up and drop off cleanup equipment at the HSCPC office to facilitate their very own neighbourhood cleanup party!

If you are interested in joining the HSCPC’s community cleanup team, or participating in the city-wide event, email us at or call 604-717-3584.