Baby Powder Reveals Career Choice 

Special Municipal Constable (and HSCPC volunteer!) Kajol Gounder

When Hastings Sunrise Community Policing Centre (HSCPC) volunteer Kajol Gounder was five years old, she put the accessories for her doll to good use. She got out baby powder and a small brush, not to pamper her baby doll, but to comb through her family house to collect fingerprints.

Fast forward two decades and Kajol is a lot closer to achieving her lifelong dream of becoming a forensic identification specialist. She graduated from BCIT with a degree in Forensic Science before being hired by the Vancouver Police Department as a Special Municipal Constable (SMC) earlier this year.

As a graduated SMC, she is currently employed in three different sectors: as a jail guard, in traffic authority and as community safety personnel.

“I enjoy working in community safety because I get to create a professional network that will further my career. Recently, I applied as a full-time jail guard because I’m planning to pursue a policing career and apply as a full member. This position will help me obtain the needed experience,” says Kajol.

Being a volunteer, as well as a Sunrise Safety Team member at the Hastings Sunrise CPC, has given her a glimpse into what it is like working in the community and dealing with questions and concerns from residents and business owners.

“My time at the HSCPC has taught me a lot about handling difficult situations and how to engage with people that are going through a hard time in their life. I use these de-escalation techniques on a daily basis,” says Kajol.

Working at a police department, she expected to find a hierarchical and competitive environment. “Of course there are different ranks and it is important to act accordingly but I really did find a big family where everyone is helpful and supportive,” she adds.

Kajol’s goal is to learn as much as she can as Special Municipal Constable before applying to become a regular Vancouver Police Officer within the next year.

Meanwhile, she is not losing sight of her dream. “I really hope to obtain the certification to be able to join the VPD Forensic Identification one day. So far my ambition and hard work has paid off and I know it will be a long journey but I’m here for all of it,” Kajol enthuses.

Our CPC is lucky to have volunteers like her who choose to stay with the organization despite their busy schedules. She still stops by the office, either to pick up found property as part of her job, on her lunch break, or for volunteer shifts.

“The CPC also feels like family to me and Hastings Sunrise is the neighbourhood I live in. It is important to me to give back whenever I can.”