Volunteer Jeremy has a Painter’s Touch 

Jeremy with his artwork in the family home

Every Wednesday, Jeremy Goh helps out his community on a team painting out unwanted graffiti and tags with other volunteers in the HSCPC’s Community Clean Up program. But at home, he is a talented artist whose works brighten the walls of his family’s residence.

As a special needs person, the volunteer interactions and connections are present to help increase his skills. “It’s something he likes to do with others,” says Dominic Sabatino, his community support worker.

Dominic makes it clear that Jeremy is the volunteer and Dominic is there to ensure Jeremy is safe and not get hurt by his actions. “The CPC is a good fit,” he says. The volunteer duties are there but the team members know to look out for Jeremy.

While discarded needles are a risk to all volunteers, to Jeremy, sharp objects may not be thought of as a risk or danger. That’s where eagle-eye team members Kathy, Adam or Al pre-inspect an area where Jeremy may be painting.

Jeremy works at the Tommy Douglas Library, enjoys gaming or just watching new games previewing at the mall, shops for DVDs and VHS tapes at Value Village.

He likes his sub sandwiches – his favourites are the ones with the least vegetables!

Positive reinforcement is always a good thing, but more so for people with special needs. It’s no different for Jeremy – Dominic says “Jeremy would work for free for just a few warm hearted Thank yous.”

If you ever see Jeremy in the office or out in the field with the paint out team – give him a Thank You, I am certain it would be appreciated.

Thanks Jeremy for helping clean up our neighbourhood!