Slow Streets Barriers are Here to Stay

You may have noticed “Slow Streets” temporary barriers during COVID-19 to help with traffic calming. This allowed for community members to walk, bike, or roll* at intersections where vehicle speeds are reduced.

Reduced speeds make it safer for the community to walk/bike/roll in our neighbourhood.  It also allows for emergency vehicle access.

To decrease maintenance costs, the city has decided to make these Slow Streets more permanent with concrete barriers.  Areas that are unable to accommodate concrete barriers will have new signage installed to encourage Slow Streets.

A community survey completed last year saw a 70% approval of Slow Streets from 1,942 respondents. Those who were able to take advantage of Slow Streets tended to be more in favour of a Slow Street, as opposed to motorists who were less likely to support this traffic calming initiative.

In Hastings Sunrise, a Slow Street section on Lillooet Street is being shifted one block east to Windermere, between East Pender and Kitchener streets (see map).  This will align it with a future greenway in this area.

*Wheel-based forms of human-powered transportation beyond biking. Includes modes like skateboards, in-line skates, wheelchairs, e-scooters or longboards!

For more information on Slow Streets, see