VPD – Seasonal Safety Tips


For many people, the holidays see an increase in shopping and socializing. The VPD is offering the following tips to get you through the holidays safely.







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It’s wise to do some research on a website before you purchase something and hand over your credit card information.

  • log on to the company website yourself – do not enter through an emailed link
  • check the Better Business Bureau to see if they have had any complaints about the company


Shopping in Person

  • try not to take your eyes off your debit or credit card when someone else is handling it
  • make sure store employees only swipe your card once



Whether you’re a guest or a host, you need to have a plan to prevent drinking and driving. Remember that it’s not always easy to tell if someone is over the legal limit to safely drive and that time is the only thing that can sober someone up.

  • determine who the designated drivers in your group will be or have a plan to take public transit or taxis ahead of time
  • as a host, consider limiting your own drinking so you can be more aware of how much your guests are drinking


Decking the Halls

  • if your Christmas tree is visible from the outside, consider not placing gifts under the tree until the last minute
  • if you have pets, they may be attracted to ribbons and parcels and they could pose a choking hazard


Travelling by Car

This time of year, even in Vancouver, the roads can become slippery and you may encounter black ice.

  • have directions and check road conditions before you set out – DriveBC |Weather Network
  • always wear a seatbelt


Going Away?

If your holiday plans include travel elsewhere, you will want to take steps to protect your home and its belongings while you are away.

  • have a friend or neighbour visit your home often to check on things
  • invest in a timer for your lights


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