T.H.I.NK. About Auto Crime

April is Auto Crime Enforcement Month! 

As more vehicles are being parked for days at a time, the risk of auto crime can increase.  T.H.I.N.K. ahead and take precautions such as making sure doors are locked and any personal valuables have been removed and auto crime can be prevented.

The Integrated Municipal Provincial Auto Crime Team (IMPACT) and ICBC are promoting the ‘9pm Routine’ which encourages vehicle owners to check on their vehicle each night at 9pm to ensure they are secure and that all measures are made to avoid being a victim of auto crime.

The statistics from the past year show a 0.2% increase in auto theft across British Columbia with a 4.4% increase outside Metro Vancouver. There was also a 4.3% increase in theft from auto across British Columbia and a 12.0% increase outside of Metro Vancouver.

Some helpful tips include:

  • Always lock your vehicle
  • Never leave duplicate sets of keys in your vehicle (including a ‘valet’ key)
  • Park in high traffic, well-lit areas
  • Remove all valuables and personal items
  • Leave nothing in plain sight (sunglasses, wallets, cash, garage door openers, etc.)

More safety tips can be found here: http://www.baitcar.com/prevention

and on the ICBC website

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