Road Safety

The purpose of our road safety program is to increase safety in the Hastings-Sunrise neighbourhood for all road users: drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and cyclists.  Our program works in partnership with the VPD and ICBC to address local road safety concerns.


Speed Watch

By setting up a radar board to show vehicles their speed, speed watch  promotes awareness of the importance of driving slowly through speed sensitive areas such as schools, parks and playgrounds.


Speeds are also recorded to assess the effectiveness of the program and the need for the police to enforce the speed limit or for the City of Vancouver (CoV) to introduce traffic calming in a particular area.

Remember, the faster you go, the longer it takes to stop.


When driving on a dry, paved surface, the distance it takes to come to a complete stop varies according to the speed of the vehicles. On a wet, slippery surface it will take an even longer distance.


Speed and Stopping Distance:

  • At 30 km/h it takes 13 metres (About the length of a transit bus)
  • At 50 km/h it takes 27 metres (The distance from home plate to first base in baseball)
  • At 90 km/h it takes 66 metres (About the length of a hockey rink)

To request a speed watch or cell watch in your area, contact our office at 604-717-3584.


Cell Watch 

Volunteers observe vehicles watching for distracted driving behaviours.  They often carry stickers for motor vehicles, reminding them to ‘leave the phone alone’.

Tips for safe cell phone use

  • Leave your phone alone – no call or text is worth risking your life or the lives of others.
  • Pull over to make or receive a call – make sure you’re focused on driving before reentering traffic.
  • Plan to avoid distraction – turn off your mobile phone, put in on airplane mode, or place it in your car so you won’t be tempted to talk, email or text when your on the road.
  • Assign a designated texter (ICBC, 2017)


Pedestrian Safety 

Working in partnership with ICBC, volunteers distribute pedestrian safety reflectors to children and families walking to school.


Project 529

Project 529 is an initiative aimed at reducing bike theft in the City of Vancouver.  It involves placing a Project 529 sticker on the bike, recording the bike’s serial number, and taking a series of photos of the bike.  The bike is then registered in an online database.  We register bikes for free every Saturday from 10 am – 4 pm.




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