Porch Pirates

Don’t give a porch pirate a chance! 

They look like you or me but when crooks see parcels at someone’s front door, they swing into action — casually walking to the porch and walking away with a package as if nothing had happened.

The coronavirus pandemic has even more people shopping online. Here’s how to thwart the porch pirates.

Ship to a secondary address. Most internet purchases allow for a shipping location different from your billing address.

A secondary location could be your workplace — is there a reception desk or service counter person to receive a package? Do you have reliable neighbours who work from home or are retired? Consider the friendly shops and restaurants that you visit frequently. If you are a regular customer, perhaps they wouldn’t mind taking in a package once in a while. Make sure you ask first, to ensure they are willing to help and best to tell them how big or heavy the package is.

One can place a plastic storage bin behind your house, where it can’t be seen from the street or the lane, and ask for deliveries there. This way, the package is disguised and the cardboard smiley box (Amazon) is out of sight.

Sometimes you can pay extra for delivery outside hours, when you are back home. The best tip of all is to shop at the “brick and mortar” stores, and just take your purchase home! And remember: don’t leave packages unattended and visible in your vehicle.

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