HSCPC Volunteers Making a Difference

March is “Distracted Driving” month and HSCPC volunteers are out in the community making a difference.  Volunteers display a large sandwich board reminding drivers to “leave the phone alone”.  They then track the number of drivers continuing to use electronic devices while behind the wheel.  This information and hot spot locations is then forwarded onto ICBC and the Vancouver Police Department.


To date, HSCPC volunteers have volunteered over 101 hours towards making the roads safer in the Hastings-Sunrise neighbourhood.  HSCPC volunteer Jade Spencer Tam comments, “while seeing people STILL using their handheld devices at the wheel can be disappointing, the number of thankful people who will give you thumbs up, waves, and even thank you notes (like the one pictured) is very encouraging”.


There is often the perception that the rules surrounding cell phone usage only applies while the vehicle is in motion.  ICBC (2018) advises this is not the case.  The laws for distracted driving, “applies whenever you’re in control of the vehicle, whether stopped at a red light or in bumper-to-bumper traffic”.


New HSCPC volunteer Harold Catt reflects, “it’s nice to know the general public appreciates us”.  Stop by the HSCPC for a “leave the phone alone” sticker to display on the back of your vehicle.  Together we can all do our part to help combat distracted driving behaviors.


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