Hot Tips for a Cool Winter!

The Hastings Sunrise Community Policing Centre wants you to have a happy – and safe! – Christmas holiday season.
Here are some tips for smart and safe celebrating, shopping and travelling (with thanks to the Vancouver Police Department’s informative website)

• Log directly onto company websites – don’t click on emailed links
• Check with the Better Business Bureau for a company’s complaints history
• Don’t enter credit card information unless a padlock icon is on the upper right corner of the screen

• Keep your eyes on your debit or credit cards when a clerk is handling them
• Make sure store employees only swipe your card once
• Leave nothing valuable in your car where it can be seen

• As a guest or a host, always have a plan to prevent drinking and driving

• Consider not placing gifts where they can be seen from outside
• After unwrapping them, take boxes for expensive items like electronics straight to recycling rather than leave them outside where they might tempt burglars

• Have a friend or neighbor check your home often
• Arrange for mail to be brought inside every day
• Don’t advertise your absence on social media such as Facebook or Twitter

• Keep your cut Christmas tree well-watered
• Inspect your Christmas lights for wear, and replace with energy efficient LED lights

• Test smoke alarms
• Use only CSA and UL approved extension cords and power bars
• Have a fire extinguisher handy in the home – and learn to use it

For more helpful advice, visit and search for Seasonal Safety Tips.

Yule be glad you did!

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