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History of the HSCPC


Drugs and the sex trade were spreading from the Downtown Eastside into north Hastings and Grandview Woodlands. A neighbourhood police officer (NPO) invited concerned citizens to form an advisory group to establish a Community Policing Centre (CPC) using available civic funds.

January 1999                

The non-profit society formed by neighbourhood citizens held their founding meeting and elected a board of directors from the community.

June 1999             

The CPC office opened to the public at 2001 Wall Street.

April 2001            

The Board spurred the creation of the Hastings North Business Improvement Association (HNBIA) in order to involve businesses in the safety of the community.


December 2001  

The HNBIA and CPC (then known as Hastings North CPC) shared new headquarters on the northeast corner of Hastings and Nanaimo Streets.


May 2002  

The HNCPC upgraded its organizational structure, established five core programs, and secured new funding partners. Coverage of the community policing district expanded to cover all of Hastings Sunrise and north Grandview-Woodlands.

September 2005     

CPCs throughout Vancouver finally won a significant funding commitment from the city. Our centre changed its name to the Hastings Sunrise CPC to better reflect its coverage area. The HNBIA and the HSCPC moved to a larger street-front office at 2620 East Hastings.


March 2006  

HSCPC Milestone: 100 community clean-ups organized since 2003.


May 2007            

HSCPC wins City of Vancouver Golden Dust Pan Award for its work in keeping the community clean and safe.

January 2008              

HSCPC Milestone: 2,500 bags of garbage collected.

September 2009           

The HSCPC celebrated its 10th anniversary at an event with 350 guests and representatives from the Vancouver Police Department, City of Vancouver and many other community partners.


November 2010            

HSCPC Milestone: 2,500 graffiti sites removed.

December 2010      

HSCPC Milestone: 2,000 abandoned autos located and reported by Citizens Patrol members.

May 2011   

HSCPC Milestone: 500 CPC volunteers contributed over 50,000 volunteer hours since 2002.

July 2011        

HSCPC and HNBIA celebrate the 10th Annual  Sunrise Summer Kick-off  event with over 2,500 people in attendance.


March 2012       

Milestone: 300 community clean-ups organized since 2003.


September 2012  

HSCPC milestone: 5,000 citizen complaints received and addressed.

November 2012            

Brenda Rogers and Chester Grant receive the Pat McElgunn 1516 award for their exceptional volunteer commitment to the HSCPC.


November 2012    

Four volunteers celebrated for reaching 10 years of service: Elaine Barbour, Brenda Penton, David Ao and Ken Buhay.


December 2012    

HSCPC Executive Director invited by the Canadian Embassy in Paris, France, to attend the European Forum for Urban Security to promote Vancouver’s community policing centre model.


January 2013    

Milestone: 5,000 bags of garbage collected.


March 2013        

Milestone: 5,000 Citizen Patrol shifts deployed.


June 2014    

Our 15th Birthday year!

image1 (22)March 2015   

Volunteers celebrated for long service:  Susan McElgunn, 15 years;  Brenda Rogers, 3,000 hours;  Harry Mah and Chester Grant, 10 years.

                                                                                                                                                                                              June 2015       

Milestone: Reached 100,000 volunteer hours

June 2016

Milestone: 500 community clean-ups organized.

July 2016

HSCPC and HNBIA celebrated the 15th Annual Sunrise Summer Kickoff with over 2,100 people in attendance.

December 2016

Milestone: 5000 graffiti sites removed.

February 2017

HSCPC Executive Director, Clair MacGougan, received the Jim and Vicki Chu Community Safety Leader Award.

February 2017

HSCPC received the City of Vancouver’s Healthy City Award of Excellence.

January 2018

HSCPC launched our new Road Safety program.

April 2019

Sampson Hsieh received the Ken Buhay Award for reaching 1,000 volunteer hours.

June 2019

The HSCPC celebrates its 20th anniversary.

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