Fiona and Team Make Roads Safer

Fiona Mae Reynolds 

The Hastings Sunrise CPC receives a steady number of road safety complaints: drivers disregarding street signs, speeding in school zones or not obeying pedestrians. Safety issues galore!

Making the streets of Hastings Sunrise safer for all has always been a priority for HSCPC volunteers. Now we are lucky enough to have another volunteer lead an additional Road Safety shift on Saturday afternoons. Armed with radar board monitor, speed limit sign, safety cones and I-Pad, Fiona Mae Reynolds and her crew hit the streets to let drivers know that there is no need for speed.

“We oftenget requests from the community, so it is important to us that we conduct SpeedWatch shifts where there is a need,” says Fiona.

Volunteers record the type of vehicle and its speed, and report these statistics to ICBC which helps them shape their campaigns. Fiona and her team alternate between Speed Watch and Cell Catch shifts on Saturdays.

“Cell Watch shifts focus on distracted driving, especially drivers using their cell phones. We count the vehicles going one way and note the amount of distracted drivers,” she says. “We have had great responses from community members who see us putting up our equipment in their neighbourhood. They are grateful for our presence, hoping that it will deter reckless and distracted driving.”

Fiona had volunteered with the HSCPC for a year and a half before taking a leadership role in the Road Safety program last September. “I attended a leadership course at the Justice Institute of BC and was looking for an opportunity to put my skills into action. This position is just perfect!” says Fiona.

She mentors four to six volunteers, all of whom are part of her weekly Road Safety shift. “I try to make the shifts exciting and create a positive, upbeat vibe with volunteers sharing duties and trying different tasks,” she says. “I am happy that volunteers feel like they are doing something important and I truly appreciate the sense of trust from all team members.”

Fiona’s goal is to eventually become a Vancouver Police Department member in the Forensic Identification Unit, a long-cherished dream. “I am grateful for the leadership experience at the CPC, which I can apply in many different aspects of my life, and a way to pay it forward to my fellow volunteers.”

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