Donate for Safety

Donate for Safety

Can you help us with our vision for “A community made safe for all through volunteering and citizen involvement.”

On Saturday mornings, Rachel Leung, age 18, heads out with new friends, tongs and a garbage bag to pick up trash from Hastings Sunrise streets and boulevards.

When residents notice drivers speeding through our neighbourhoods, Sangam Grant, age 70, helps set up a portable radar-operated sign that flashes vehicle speeds and usually prompts drivers to slow down.

One day a week, John Carreon, age 23, shows up at the HSCPC street-front office to spend the next three hours helping residents address a huge variety of problems and concerns, in person and on the phone.

Rachel, Sangam and John share a common trait with more than 100 others who wear the HSCPC insignia: they do all of this work without being paid.

In this unprecedented year of the coronavirus, the HSCPC has been unable to organize any of the regular fundraisers that we have counted on to fill the funding gaps.

Instead of our popular annual Dine For Safety fundraiser this October, we are kicking off our Donate For Safety Campaign. Donate for Safety has the goal to raise $10,000 by December 31, 2020. With your help, we know we can reach it! 

Thanks to early and generous donations, we’ve upped our fundraising goal to $10,000!

As a financial supporter, you join Rachel, Sangam and John in the satisfying knowledge that you are directly helping your neighbours and your community to create and maintain the best place in which to live and work.

With your help, we can reach our goal of raising $10,000 until the end of the year! 

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