• xpedwatch

    Be Street-Smart: Walk Safely!

    DID YOU KNOW? More pedestrians are killed in motor vehicle collisions than any other road user. In Vancouver, pedestrians account for more than half of all collision fatalities. Elderly pedestrians are far more likely to be killed in a pedestrian-struck collision than any other age group. PEDESTRIAN TIPS Always make eye contact with an approaching…

  • hncpg-csg-poster

    HNCPG Community Small Grants

    Would you like to start a project in your community? The Hastings North Community Partners Group is offering small grants to people who would like to bring their community together! To apply, fill out an application form and drop it off at the Hastings Community Centre. Click here for the application form!

  • xgarbagegatherers

    The Garbage Gatherers

    I’ve been a resident of the Hastings-Sunrise community for over a decade and have watched it change, for the better. About four to five years ago, on those Saturday mornings I was able to rouse myself out of bed to run my errands before noon, I began to notice people wearing reflective vests wandering the…

  • crime-map

    Report All Crime – Or it Never Happened!

    Reporting = Better Police Response   Reporting all crime is a fundamental part of reducing unwanted criminal activity in our community. If you do not report a crime, no matter how big or small, as far as the police are concerned it did not happen. More and more Police Departments, including the Vancouver Police Department,…

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