• Kops’ Shades for Kids

    Kops’ Shades for Kids

    Stop by our office to purchase your own pair of VPD Aviators.  When you put on a pair of VPD Sunglasses, you’re not only looking like a cop, you are becoming VPD’s partner in the community.  With each purchase of the VPD Aviator Sunglasses, you are funding important community outreach programs that are primarily focused…

  • Frog Hollow Reaches Out to Neighbourhood’s Seniors

    Frog Hollow Reaches Out to Neighbourhood’s Seniors

    Three in 20 Vancouver residents is a senior — aged 65 or older. And this number is expected to double within 15 years.  Programs for seniors are available, but access can be a problem.   Some of the 5,500-plus seniors in Hastings Sunrise are regular visitors of Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House at 2131 Renfrew St.…

  • Project 529 Returns Bikes

    Project 529 Returns Bikes

    When thousands of bikes are stolen in Vancouver every year, getting back your missing bike sounds like a fairy tale. Believe it or not, the 529 Project supported by the Vancouver Police makes it a reality. Two bikes registered with the help of the Hastings Sunrise Community Policing Center were stolen, located in the Downtown…

  • VIDEO: Learn more about the HSCPC!

    VIDEO: Learn more about the HSCPC!

    Watch this short video on what we do at the HSCPC and how to get involved!

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