• ICBC Winter Impaired Driving Campaign

    ICBC Winter Impaired Driving Campaign

    Sadly, each year in B.C., 67 people die in crashes involving impaired driving. Almost half of those deaths happen during the summer, meanwhile other deaths happen during what should be joyous celebrations during the December holidays.  No matter what time of year, there are many options to get home safely if you’ve had a drink or two. So,…

  • Digital Skills For Seniors

    Digital Skills For Seniors

    With traditional ways of keeping in touch curtailed by Covid-19, many of us are turning to online communication tools such as Zoom to prevent a sense of social isolation setting in. But for those without access to a computer, the internet, or the skills to get into an online meeting, this is not an option.…

  • Pedestrian Safety

    Pedestrian Safety

    When drivers fail to yield, pedestrians pay the price. Busy intersections and shorter days mean that drivers need to be extra careful during fall and winter. As the weather changes and daylight hours decrease, pedestrians become more vulnerable.  Nearly half (45 per cent) of all crashes with pedestrians happen between October and January. Even when drivers proceed…

  • Porch Pirates

    Porch Pirates

    They look like you or me but when crooks see parcels at someone’s front door, they swing into action — casually walking to the porch and walking away with a package as if nothing had happened. The coronavirus pandemic has even more people shopping online. Here’s how to thwart the porch pirates. Ship to a…

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