• Volunteer Information Session

    Volunteer Information Session

    Join us for the next volunteer information session on Thursday, February 13th from 6-7 pm. Learn more about our organization and the process to become a volunteer with the Hastings Sunrise Community Policing Centre. We look forward to meeting you! To register your attendance, please call us at 604-717-3584 or send an email to

  • Dine for Safety Dinner 2019 -Thank you for your generous support!

    Dine for Safety Dinner 2019 -Thank you for your generous support!

    Our 2019 Dine for Safety Dinner was a huge success! Through the generosity of our supporters, we raised close to $7000. Many thanks to everyone that attended the dinner, our board members and the 2019 Dine for Safety Dinner supporters. We could not have done it without you!  We hope you can join us again…

  • New Sewer Hides ‘Time Capsule’!

    New Sewer Hides ‘Time Capsule’!

    Nanaimo Street is on its way to becoming safer and more comfortable, especially if you are on foot or travelling by bike. Replacing and separating the sanitary sewer and rainwater drains is on schedule for completion before the end of March 2020. The new sewers should last 100 years and will allow for neighbourhood growth.…

  • Fall Distracted Driving Campaign

    Fall Distracted Driving Campaign

    Even if you’re not using your phone, you may still be distracted. Any diversion of your attention away from the safe operation of your vehicle, like chatting with passengers, eating or drinking, or adjusting radio or vehicle settings, can contribute to distracted and inattentive driving. We all play a part in making our roads safe…

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