• Women’s Personal Safety Workshop

    Women’s Personal Safety Workshop

    The Vancouver Police Department and their Women’s Personal Safety Team are hosting a Women’s Personal Safety Workshop on December 11th from 6-8:00 pm at the Hastings Community Centre. It is a unique program that educates women about personal safety. Through theory and practical exercises, women learn concepts and skills regarding crime prevention and effectively dealing with…

  • Be a hero. Look the part. The VPD sunglasses have launched!

    Be a hero. Look the part. The VPD sunglasses have launched!

    Whether it’s purchasing a pair of VPD sunglasses or donating to their organization, when you support the Vancouver Police Foundation you are helping our local heroes reach and support more youth in our community through life-changing programs. Your contribution creates a brighter future for our city! Stop by our CPC office to buy a pair…

  • Our Office Welcomes Everybody!

    Our Office Welcomes Everybody!

    “What do you do if a naked person walks into the office?” That’s what a new volunteer asked during one of the first orientation sessions held by Clair MacGougan, executive director of the Hastings Sunrise Community Policing Centre, in the early 2000s. Clair still remembers the conversation clearly because the very next day a naked…

  • Cleanup Crew Welcomes All!

    Cleanup Crew Welcomes All!

    Have you ever thought why you feel uncomfortable and unsafe while walking or driving in a shabby-looking neighbourhood with buildings covered with graffiti and streets littered with garbage? Your gut feeling tells you: local residents stopped caring for this area and it is most likely ridden with crime. Your feelings do not deceive you. It…

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