Shannon Seiler

  • Teaming Up to Remove Graffiti

    Teaming Up to Remove Graffiti

    Twice a month volunteers head to the HSCPC enthusiastic to help clean up the community.   This Saturday we teamed up with volunteers and staff from the Grandview Woodlands and Aboriginal Community Policing Centres to paint over graffiti.   Armed with two wagons, some paint, rollers, and brushes we painted over 33 tags at various locations…

  • Kops’ Shades for Kids

    Kops’ Shades for Kids

    Stop by our office to purchase your own pair of VPD Aviators.  When you put on a pair of VPD Sunglasses, you’re not only looking like a cop, you are becoming VPD’s partner in the community.  With each purchase of the VPD Aviator Sunglasses, you are funding important community outreach programs that are primarily focused…

  • AUGUST 2017 – the mini Bulletin

    AUGUST 2017 – the mini Bulletin

    In this edition of the HSCPC Newsletter – Summer 2017 we learn about how Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House reaches out to seniors by hosting community walks.  Read on to discover the walking schedule and how you can get involved.  Also, learn more about how Project 529 returns bikes to their rightful owners.  Come down to the CPC…

  • Project 529 Returns Bikes

    Project 529 Returns Bikes

    When thousands of bikes are stolen in Vancouver every year, getting back your missing bike sounds like a fairy tale. Believe it or not, the 529 Project supported by the Vancouver Police makes it a reality. Two bikes registered with the help of the Hastings Sunrise Community Policing Center were stolen, located in the Downtown…

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