Shannon Seiler

  • FREE Steering Wheel Locks!

    FREE Steering Wheel Locks!

      The Vancouver Police Department and its partners have launched an initiative to help prevent older vehicles from being stolen.  Through Project “Use It,” anyone in Vancouver with a vehicle not equipped with anti-theft technology is eligible for a free steering wheel lock.   The project is made possible with support and funding from the…

  • Child Find Drop-in

    Child Find Drop-in

    Protect your child – drop into our free Child Find ID Clinic at the HSCPC office, 2620 E. Hastings St., any Saturday between 10:00am and 4:00pm. In five minutes or so, we will create for you a small booklet of information that could be invaluable if your child ever goes missing. Included are: fingerprints, weight, height,…

  • Don’t Fall for a Call from Phony “Taxman”

    Don’t Fall for a Call from Phony “Taxman”

    It’s tax season in Canada and while taxpayers hurry to get their papers in order, scammers step up their activities too. They prey on people’s fears, uncertainty and lack of knowledge.   According to the Better Business Bureau, tax scammers contact thousands of Canadians daily. In 2017, reported losses were more than $5 million. Hastings…

  • Car Break-Ins: High Tech or Low?

    Car Break-Ins: High Tech or Low?

    Some Hastings Sunrise neighbors have been waking up to find their cars have been broken into without any clear sign of how the thief gained entry. There is no evidence that locks have been forced, no broken glass or alarms ringing, just glove compartment contents strewn around the vehicle and the odd missing item.  …

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