Shannon Seiler

  • Don’t Fall for a Call from Phony “Taxman”

    Don’t Fall for a Call from Phony “Taxman”

    It’s tax season in Canada and while taxpayers hurry to get their papers in order, scammers step up their activities too. They prey on people’s fears, uncertainty and lack of knowledge.   According to the Better Business Bureau, tax scammers contact thousands of Canadians daily. In 2017, reported losses were more than $5 million. Hastings…

  • Car Break-Ins: High Tech or Low?

    Car Break-Ins: High Tech or Low?

    Some Hastings Sunrise neighbors have been waking up to find their cars have been broken into without any clear sign of how the thief gained entry. There is no evidence that locks have been forced, no broken glass or alarms ringing, just glove compartment contents strewn around the vehicle and the odd missing item.  …

  • Spring 2018 – The Bulletin

    Spring 2018 – The Bulletin

      SPRING 2018 BULLETIN   Click on the link above to learn about some valuable safety tips to help protect your vehicle from a possible break-in and how to stay safe this tax season.  Additionally, read how a former volunteer now works as the neighbourhood police officer at the  Grandview-Woodland CPC.   New this year,…

  • HSCPC Volunteers Making a Difference

    HSCPC Volunteers Making a Difference

    March is “Distracted Driving” month and HSCPC volunteers are out in the community making a difference.  Volunteers display a large sandwich board reminding drivers to “leave the phone alone”.  They then track the number of drivers continuing to use electronic devices while behind the wheel.  This information and hot spot locations is then forwarded onto…

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