Neha Prihar


    Spring 2017 FOUR PAGE EDITION   In this edition of The Bulletin, we discuss the HSCPC receiving an Award of Excellence from the City of Vancouver.  While our executive director, Clair MacGougan, was recognized by the Vancouver Police Department and the City for his outstanding contributions towards preventing crime and improving safety at the community level.…

  • Green Thumb Burglar Is a Summer Menace

    Green Thumb Burglar Is a Summer Menace

    Summer weather means the start of lawn care, gardening – and the threat of the Green Thumb Burglar.                                                                          …

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  • Constable Edmunds with volunteer Selina Byer

    Spring 2017

    SPRING 2017 In this issue of the Bulletin, we talk about how you can make a positive impact in your community, as well has raising awareness about the HSCPC as part of Operation Profile. We also give you the run-down on anti-crime tips. Most importantly, we introduce our new video which you can find on our About…

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