• 2004 Spring newsletter

    2004 Spring

  • crime-map

    Report All Crime – Or it Never Happened!

    Reporting = Better Police Response   Reporting all crime is a fundamental part of reducing unwanted criminal activity in our community. If you do not report a crime, no matter how big or small, as far as the police are concerned it did not happen. More and more Police Departments, including the Vancouver Police Department,…

  • xcarmen

    Carmen Collects for Kids

    Carmen. In most of the Western World, the name evokes the image of the alluring but tragic heroine of an opera by Bizet. But in Hastings Sunrise, our bestknown Carmen is a heart-warmer, not a heartbreaker. If you’ve ever bought groceries through the customer service counter at Donald’s Market on East Hastings, chances are you…

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