• xicbchighrisk

    ICBC, Police and Community Speed Watch Volunteers Focus on High-risk Driving Behaviours

    Tailgating, failing to yield or speeding are high-risk driving behaviours that account for almost 50 per cent of all police-reported casualty crashes in B.C. As a valued road safety community partner, I want to share the details of the high-risk driving campaign and in addition to all your work doing Speed Watch, suggest ways you…

  • xstreetsign

    Spring into Bicycling Safety

    With the arrival of spring and warmer weather, more cyclists will take to the streets in what is already one of North America’s most bicycle friendly cities. As cycling continues to grow as one of Vancouver’s most preferred modes of transportation, according to Tourism Vancouver, it is important that cyclists and motorists, both new and…

  • Block Watch Bags Bad Guy

    At 4:45 in the morning on April 12th, a Vancouver a Block Watch member happened to look out their window and spotted something they felt was suspicious. A person wearing a backpack was prowling through the Kamloops and Dundas Street neighbourhood, testing door handles on cars. Thanks to the resident’s good observation skills, patience and…

  • community_alert_-_jewelry_robberies_-_april_9_2013_page_1

    Community Alert

    Attention to seniors. There have been jewelry robberies in our neighbourhood. Please be cautious when approached by strangers. Please share this crime alert with your elderly friends and family members. A chinese version is located below.

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