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  • Constable Edmunds with volunteer Selina Byer

    Spring 2017

    SPRING 2017 In this issue of the Bulletin, we talk about how you can make a positive impact in your community, as well has raising awareness about the HSCPC as part of Operation Profile. We also give you the run-down on anti-crime tips. Most importantly, we introduce our new video which you can find on our About…

  • Volunteers on Patrol: the Inside Story

    Volunteers on Patrol: the Inside Story

    It’s Monday evening, the first day of a new work week is gone for most. Some get ready for a family dinner, others prepare to munch on a pizza in front of their TVs or laptops, but we are heading to the Hastings Sunrise Community Policing Centre. We meet there at 6:30 for a two-hour…

  • First, You Volunteer

    Fifteen years of working with youth at risk in his 20s and 30s has given Clair MacGougan a special incentive to do all he can to make the Hastings Sunrise community as safe and supportive as possible.   And it all started with – what else? – volunteering!   “I was young and looking for…

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