• Who’s Watching it Campaign

    Who’s Watching it Campaign

    Although Vancouverites have experienced an overall decrease in crime over the last decade, thieves continue to prey on people not keeping a close eye on their belongings. The most commonly stolen items include wallets, purses, and cell phones, as owners leave items unattended in libraries, coffee shops, night clubs, mall food courts and parks. Bicycle…

  • Distracted Driving Campaign

    Distracted Driving Campaign

    Distracted driving is a leading cause of car crash fatalities in our province. Police statistics show that about a quarter of all car crash fatalities in B.C. in the last five years (2009 to 2013) were related to distracted driving. That’s an average of 88 deaths per year, making distracted driving now the second-leading cause…

  • Beware of Microsoft Phone Scam

    Beware of Microsoft Phone Scam

    Here’s how it works: The telephone rings, another interrupted dinner this week. You want to hang up, however you hear key words warning of imminent computer disaster and decide to stay on the phone. A voice, usually accented, says “Hello, this is Microsoft and we’ve been notified by your computer that there is a problem”.…

  • Police Stepping Up Enforcement on Distracted Drivers

    Police Stepping Up Enforcement on Distracted Drivers

    Vancouver – Police are stepping up enforcement on distracted drivers throughout the month of February. Distracted driving remains the third leading cause of fatal collisions in British Columbia. Approximately 90 people are killed every year as a result of drivers focusing on a handheld device instead of the road. Police are reminding drivers to use a hands-free…

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