Anti-Crime Tips!

Hastings Sunrise is a close knit community with diverse culture and a historic background. We would like to keep it safe for families, businesses and for people simply passing by.


You can learn about current and past criminal activity reported in your area – and throughout the city – by visiting the Vancouver Police Department’s on-line crime mapping tool known as GeoDASH. That stands for Geographic Data Analysis and Statistics Hub. See


The default crime map shows all crimes that occurred the previous week in all neighbourhoods. However, users can search by neighbourhood, type of crime, date range (back to 2003), address or location on map.


As a community, we can take basic measures to prevent and deter crime in our neighbourhood. The best way is to stop problems before they start. According to the VPD: “Communities are safer when citizens act together and crime rates decline or remain low.”


Get to know your neighbours and make friends; that way they can look out for suspicious activity when you are not home and vice versa. VPD’s Block Watch program is a great option to have an organized team of neighbours coming together with the common goal of keeping the block safe while having direct access to a police officer to assist with crime in the area and nuisance issues. To learn how to start a Block Watch in your neighbourhood, visit


Don’t be afraid to call 911! Vancouver police want to be called when something suspicious is happening. Suspicious activities include:

  • unusual noises, such as someone screaming for help
  • a vehicle whose occupants seem to be “casing” the neighbourhood
  • furniture being removed from homes when the owners are on vacation or at work
  • an abandoned car
  • a stranger looking into homes or parked cars
  • unusual activities of pets, such as a dog barking that is normally quiet
  • a salesperson going door to door who doesn’t have proper identification


Not sure? Call the non-emergency number – (604) 717-3321


Written by James Gonzalo Jr.

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